It’s Me, Jess

1422548_10152047915399650_365364094_n.jpgMy name is Jessica Scott and I’m someone who does a little bit of a lot of things in New York City, NY.

This space is to share the words I write, the films I produce, and the thoughts swirling in all of our brains. So please leave comments!

I grew up in the wheat fields of Haven, Kansas (population 1,200), where I was a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, then went on to become the student body president, a champion debater, a just-average athlete, and an all-around typical Midwestern kid.

Now I live, love, and play in Brooklyn, the place where I learned to call pop “soda” and tennis shoes “sneakers”.

I have an undergraduate degree in Journalism is from the University of Kansas and a masters degree in Journalism/Digital Media from Columbia University.

I’ve worked at The United States Olympic Committee, ESPN, and currently I’m a senior producer with Bloomberg Media. I’ve also worked at an Amish restaurant (bad tips, worse outfits), a gas station, the Super Target Bakery, Starbucks (fired), and an ice cream shop (paid in ice cream) – in that order. My dream job is to be a librarian in a small town and drink coffee all day while reading books to quiet, polite kids who hang on to my every word.

As a freelancer, I produce videos, films, photo shoots, and anything else I can think up with a crew of skilled friends who are infinitely more talented than me. Sometimes for money, sometimes for fun.

I love my mom, basketball, politics, hip hop, the evening news, bookstores, champagne, and being creative. I can balance anything on my head and shoot a decent free throw percentage…and I cannot do simple math or make a good omelet.

And I would love to work with you, so please contact me to discuss projects or just to say hey.

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